I am a freelance graphic designer and web developer located in sunny Pensacola, Florida. Working 100% from my home office.

Building websites and graphic design has been my passion since 1995, when the Web Diner on AOL was a “thing”, the sound of dial-up internet modems was literally music to my ears, and we only had Notepad to write code in. I still hand write all of my HTML & CSS from scratch. None of those WYSIWYG editors for me! 🙂

In 1999 I officially went into business for myself developing websites, optimizing them for the search engines, as well as repairing virus infected computers. I also spent time tutoring college students who were taking web design courses.

I’ve been specializing in WordPress development, and responsive design for many years now. I also have extensive experience with OpenCart and Joomla. I currently work primarily with several contracted companies around the US assisting with project management, graphic design, programming, telephone tutorials for clients, and general workflow. In most cases, I work directly and transparently with their clients to expedite turnaround time, while always keeping the company owner up to date on progress.

Communication: My email is always open, Skype is always available, and I have been known to troubleshoot client problems while grocery shopping. Contractors are always welcome to give me a call, but I do not accept incoming phone calls from contracted sub-clients. I am more than happy to schedule an outgoing telephone call to them for meetings and tutorials.


“Amanda is the most creative and hard working designer I have ever met. I fully trust her with any coding/design projects, she’s always there to lend a helping hand, help guide my clients and was phenomenal in managing many areas of my business while I was on maternity leave. I rely on her daily for many design items and look forward to future projects with her.”

~ M. Bersch

“Amanda is a very creative & personable person. She works hard to get projects completed on time & within quoted budgets.

I’m always impressed with her work!”

~ Jesse McCormick

“Amanda was brought on in 2010 to do a complete overhaul of holimont.com. Not only did she switch the CMS over to a WordPress format but she and her team at Oogly Eyes Designs created a new look and feel to the website, which has received a lot of positive feedback and allowed us to track web metrics better than ever.

“Amanda takes the necessary time to get to know the company she is working with and that definitely shows in her final product.

My working relationship with Amanda has been very positive and I’m looking forward to collaborating with her in the future.”

~ Dash Hegeman

“Amanda was the technical contact between a former client and myself. She positioned herself in a way that really helped me understand what the client needed and how best I could provide that for them. On top of that, she did a great job pushing the project forward when it got stalled.

Amanda’s communication and project management skills are awesome, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”

~ Nick Ohrn

“Amanda was a great help on designing my web page. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for that perfect fit design for you business.”

~ David Blanchard

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