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My clients are web design agencies with a need for reliable, and transparent freelancers to take on their overflow of work. From complete website designs, to coding out finished design mocks, and performing routine website maintenance.

I have the ability to take on full projects from design phase, straight through to coding and deployment. Working primarily with WordPress as a CMS, I code fully responsive mobile friendly websites. With over 19yrs of experience, I am well versed in all of the HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP needed to fully integrate a design into WordPress.


You’ll not need to worry about your website viewing properly on phones and tablets, I specialize in bringing full desktop websites down to all major mobile sizes. Maintaining consistency from your approved design, to amazing and functional mobile layouts is key.


Building on top of one of two major developer frameworks, I avoid custom building admin panels that require constant attention to upgrade. The dev framework I choose for your project would be determined by the complexity and needs of your design. I then select plugins based on need, quality, and secure code.


I am available for all types of routine website management – from simple edits and image changes, to updating your WordPress and plugins on a monthly basis. I can also monitor security and backups for your clients, with the ability to send monthly status reports. Ask about my packages! 


I have worked with many eCommerce plugins, and stand-alone software, and have found WooCommerce to be a fantastic add-on to WordPress for your store. I can help with the customization of your store, shopping cart pages, as well as help you determine the best plugins to optimize your store.

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